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It's all about you

You get butterflies when you see him walk through the door and his kindness melts your heart. You can't imagine spending your life with anyone else. He is your best friend.

You remember the exact moment you knew that she was the one. Her passion for life and sense of adventure set your soul on fire. You can't wait for her to be your wife.

Your love is strong, passionate and timeless. You are lighthearted and kind, and want your wedding day to capture your love for others, your joy for life and of course - your unique love story.


If you fit the description above, then I would love to be your wedding photographer! I want to get to know you so that I can bring our your exact vision on your wedding day and celebrate with you - not just as your photographer, but as your friend. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading!

Who Am I?

I am Alison - an Indiana based wedding photographer who loves telling the stories of couples who march to the beat of their own drum, are true to who they are and love to have fun! 


I take my work to heart and see you as my friend first and foremost. I will be in your corner from the beginning to help you navigate the whole process. Making you comfortable is incredibly important to me. Camera shy? Me too! I totally get it. But we’ll work together to make sure you’re relaxed, having fun and feeling like your best self in front of the lens. This goes for your families, friends and bridal party as well. I want everyone to have a great experience!

I will listen to you to make sure that I understand your vision for your wedding day and we will create a game plan to keep your day on track and full of fun! I believe there is a balance to getting those dream wedding images you want while not monopolizing your precious time. I’ll take the lead when you need me to and disappear into the background just as well. 

What to Expect

I believe that you deserve to have wedding photos that you absolutely love. Images that make you feel a flood of emotion and that transport you right back to your special day. Images that tell your unique love story and not only capture the big beautiful moments but all of the tiny, sweet details too.

The couples I work with are fun loving and want their wedding day to be full of life! They love to laugh and can be found stealing glances at one another across the room through out their day. Their love story is timeless and their wedding photos should be too. 

 My approach to weddings is organized, personal and fun! I believe there is a way to remain professional and kind while still keeping things upbeat and positive - after all, this is your best day ever!


There is no travel fee for weddings within the state of Indiana.



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