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 Who is this girl? 

Hi! I'm Alison, principle photographer of Alison Mae Photography and the face behind all of the emails! I am an Indiana based wedding photographer who loves telling the stories of couples who march to the beat of their own drum, are unapologetically themselves and love to have fun! 

 I'm an easy going girl from the midwest who loves to find joy in everything this world has to offer. I celebrate positivity in all aspects of my life and love to cheer everyone on! Compliment confetti is my jam! I’m a huge fan of tiffany blue, but ‘round these parts it’s called Ali Blue. I buy the broken animal shaped knick knacks at Marshall’s because I’m a bleeding heart for all creatures, apparently even porcelain ones. When I’m not photographing weddings, I live somewhere in between chuck taylors and t-shirts and sundresses and sandals. I spend my time working on growing my business, laughing with my tribe of wedding industry friends, adventuring with my incredible husband and loving on my two Siberian huskies and two cats. I find the silver lining in everything and my favorite hobby is facetiming my two year old nephew, Asher, who lives in Barcelona.

Why wedding photography?

I learned photography on black and white film in high school many moons ago and from the first time I watched one of my images come to life in the developer tray I knew photography was meant for me. As an introvert, photography went hand in hand with my natural tendency to listen and observe first - always looking for moments that others might miss. And oh - the beauty I found hidden in those moments! Over the years I fell in love with portraiture and capturing connections and emotions shared between people. Weddings allow me to combine both of these things and add in my love for storytelling. every love story is unique and I strive to tell each one through the photos I take. Being married to my best friend has given me a whole new perspective on weddings and the marriage that will come from them and it brings me incredible joy to capture those special moments for each couple on their best day ever!

How did I get here?

For years I did photography on the side while Zach was in school. I always knew photography was what I wanted to do and kept working towards that goal, even if it was at a slow pace at times. Once Zach finished his degree, he encouraged me to leave my 9-5 and follow my dreams. That was almost three years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

What kind of experience do I have?

By the end of 2018, I’ll have photographed seventy five weddings! That’s a lot of cake! But with each wedding, I learn something new and come packed with all kinds of wedding experience and knowledge and I love sharing that with my clients. Because on your wedding day I don’t want you to worry. I’ve got your back.

Meet Zach- my (not so) secret weapon

Zach is not just my husband, he is also my assistant extraordinaire! His talents include carrying photo gear, bouquets, coats etc, keeping brides + bridesmaids cool on hot days, warm on cold ones and dry on rainy ones, getting grooms drinks, time keeping and even veil flipping! Having Zach around allows me to focus completely on the couple while he handles all of the miscellaneous tasks that pop up on wedding days. It’s kind of the best!

Get to know Zach

Zach is easy going, quiet and loves spending time outdoors. He is super handy and spends his free time in the garage restoring vintage radios or working on projects to fix up our new home! Zach is a developer by day and you can always find him at his desk with a cup of coffee nearby. He is originally from La Porte, Indiana and loves taking our two huskies for bike rides!

Get to know Ali + Zach

From A to Z

  • Zach and I love to explore new places! Each year on our anniversary we go on a trip to a place we’ve never been just to explore! So far our favorite anniversary trip was to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In August 2019 we plan to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary with our furthest trip yet - Europe!

  • We just purchased our first home and could not be more excited! We have found our little oasis and enjoy working on projects to make it our own.

  • We LOVE Halloween and all of the creativity that comes with it!

  • One of our favorite dates is exploring flea markets looking for forgotten treasure. We love looking for cool mid century modern pieces for our home.

  • We have been together for eleven years and married for seven. We love being married and can’t wait to cheer others on as they start their own journeys in marriage!

  • We’re nerds. Big time. Ask us about the time we cosplayed for Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part One.

 Meet our pets

Zach and I have four - yes four - sweet souls that we are lucky enough to call ours! We have a small zoo and love every second of it! You can be certain that while I’m editing your images one (or more) of these girls are curled up on my lap or under my desk. They’re a big part of AMP too!

Elayne, Willow, Clementine and Nova