Gothic Wedding | Laurel Hall | Indianapolis, Indiana

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Gothic Wedding | Laurel Hall | Indianapolis, Indiana

Nestled in the woods along a winding road, Laurel Hall is a true gem of Indianapolis. Built in 1916, the manor is stunning and spacious. Dark wooden staircases wind their way upwards past stunning stained glass windows. It was the perfect location for our spooky styled shoot and a great spot to get lost amongst the flickering candle light.

When Zach and I got married six years ago, we didn’t know a lot about weddings. It was long before my days as a wedding photographer and our knowledge on nuptials was certainly limited. A lot of our wedding planning was based around what we were told we “had” to do rather than what we truly wanted. Of course, our day was perfect to us at the time, but if there is one thing I wish I could have known back then, it’s that on your wedding day, it’s okay to think outside the box and make it truly your own. There is beauty in marching to the beat of your own drum, after all.

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